(Comments in italics by Ayame-chan)

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Ultima summon (FFXII)… I wonder how she walked around with those wings….
Ayame-chan with another Lacus Clyne ^^ (Gundam Seed/Destiny)
The samurai stormtrooper we saw last year along with an awesome samurai Darth Vader
It's a Wii controller!
I think this is .hack//GU...
The Mario bros., Wario, & Waluigi. Mario was playing the theme music on his boombox
Re-enacting a scene from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Vivi from FFIX
Four Links in different colors. All for one, and one for All!
(Legend of Zelda)
Halloweentown Sora and a Dual-bladed wielder (KH II)
Soldier from Starcraft
FFVIII group I happened upon
FFVIII gathering
Balamb Garden vs. Galbadia!!! (kind of)
Squall being a pimp! lol
It's GIR!
And GIR does a little dance as Yuffie watches on (don't you mean...Yuffie's GIR's real owner? ^^)
Maria and Alucard (Castlevania: SotN)

Sandaime Hokage-sama

Dark Link..I think...[hey, I rhymed!]
(Legend of Zelda)
Ken as Kenpachi with a Yachiru on his back (my fave Kenpachi pic^^)
Kenpachi v. Ichigo. Ichigo makes the first cut
Kenpachi retaliates
Take that Ichigo!
Ayame-chan as Yukishiro Tomoe vs. Kamiya Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
Shadow Hearts group
Another Kenpachi cosplayer with that same Yachiru on his shoulder
Rurouni Kenshin group part 1
Rurouni Kenshin group part 2
Shishio, Soujirou, Kamatari, and a member of the Shinsengumi
Kenshin vs. Shishio. And look! Kaoru's taking a picture!
Kamatari vs. Kaoru