Hello and once again welcome to my AX cosplay gallery: edition 2007! If you've been to my previous pages, then you know what to do. If you don't please just click on any section on the map below and you'll be taken to where you want to go. I must make a note that I did not take all of the pictures...mainly just for the cosplay gallery. Anything random is all on my friend Torch ^^.

As a reference....

Cosplay = well...cosplay
LBCC Sites = areas in and around the LBCC...including the hotel room that I stayed in
Misc Pictures = random pictures taken by Torch

Update 7/22/07 - Kupochan's Gallery is up and fixed a minor error ^^.
Macross images are by character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto but I tweaked them a lil' bit...this is dedicating to the 25th anniversay of Macross/Robotech. Stayed at the Westin Hotel....for more details on what went on, please check out my con report. This site works best on a 1078x670 screen with Opera Web Browser.