All of these are from the Bleach gathering
(Comments in italics by Ayame-chan)

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Yachiru trying to peek under the masků
Attempted group shot at the Bleach gathering...
...before they moved it to the stairs on the side of the fountains
Er...why's everybody attacking Aizen? ^^;
The second division with the forgotten captain: Cap'n Crunch!
Soi Fong v. Yoruichi
Some dude at the gathering yelled "take it off!" at her as she switched in to battle mode Soi Fong
Another Soi v. Yoruichi with Cap'n Crunch not far behind!
3rd Division...wait, only Ichimaru?
4th Divison
5th Division
6th Division
6th division, part 2. One of the Renji's decides to break out in a dance move.
Koma as Komamura in his 7th squad glory, being the awesome Komamura he is^_^
8th Division
9th Division
10th Division
11th Division, PI
11th Division, PII
12 Division, PI
12 Division, PII
13 Division
Ryoka group
Ryoka group again
School girl group
Urahara Shoten group, PI
Urahara Shoten group PII
Slight Kurosaki family group
Arrancar group PI
Arrancar group PII
Arrancar group PIII
The leaders of the Arrancar
The good guys heading to Hueco Mundo
Hueco Mundo group
Hiyori gives Ichigo a good smack with her shoe ^^
And as he tries to retaliate, she's quick to block
Hollows love Aizen ^^
Ishida group
You can't forget Don Kanonji!