Greetings and welcome to my cosplay gallery for AX07! As you can see I took more pictures than last year and guess what? Fewer duplicate photos, lol. Well, enjoy.

(Comments in italics by Ayame-chan)

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The great Sanzo team (Saiyuki)
Jinroh Soldier
Sanzo:You're toast!
Codename: Lightning trio
TJ Sakura, Dios, young Utena princess and a fairy
(Naruto, Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Reno (FFVII:AC) and a heartless (Kingdom Hearts)
It's a giant Mokona! (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)
Lacus Clyne and Super Sailor Mars (Gundam Seed, Sailor Moon)
Final Fantasy Complete Gathering
Hey...I think I started taking some of these... ^^
Yeah...I did ^^ (cuz Kupochan got called in)
I'm the moogle cuddling the chocobo plushie^^
The silver-haired brothers: Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj (FFVII:AC)
FFVII group
FFVII group
FFVIII group
FFVI group
FFX/X-2 group
FFXII group
FFI group...I think ^^; (why is one wearing a gas mask? O_o)
FFXII group
FFXII group
Squall vs. Seifer, who will win???
Fran and Balthier on a motorcycle
Utena and Anthy
(Revolutionary Girl Utena)
The silver-haired trio, once again!
Group from Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke
Tifa: Shall I climb aboard, Cloud?
Tifa and Cloud riding on Fenrir as Cid watches on (FFVII:AC)