Misc. Cosplayers P3
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Gallery Three

Princess Serenity from
Sailor Moon.I wonder 
how she did the meat
Here's the guy who 
scared me on Friday at
Expo in my Yuna outift.
Dunno where he's from,
Taitsukuun and Yui 
from Fushigi Yuugi. We
thought it was cool to
actually find a Taitsu-
kuun...I think they 
were also Cologne and
Shampoo on another 
day from Ranma 1/2
One of many pairs from
Team Rocket in 
Pokemon. You can be
anything in Team 
Rocket from what I 
see...as long as you 
have a red "R" in front.
From left to right: 
Milly Thompson, Meryl
Strife, (both from 
Trigun) and some odd
character that I don't 
know...her costume's 
very familiar though...
Tuxedo Kamen or 
Tuxedo Mask from
Sailor Moon. Personally,
Mamo-chan's a lot 
better in the manga.

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