Other Misc. Cosplayers

This section belongs to other misc. cosplayers that I happened to recognize or just thought that their costumes looked cool ^^. It's divided into 3 galleries. Enjoy!

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Gallery One

Here's Black Lady from
Sailor Moon R season. 
Funny thing is...she has
the same *look* as her.
This is a very cute 
Card Captor Sakura my
friends and I found. 
She was dressed as her
in different costumes 
on different days. To
the right is her dad ^^
I think this dude won
1st place in the 
Costume Construction.
All I know is that he's
from Bubblegum Crisis.
Still, nifty outfit ^^.
Here are the four guys
who told us that they
had just arrived for
20 minutes and have 
been stopped over since.
From the top: Legato
Bluesummers (Trigun),
Sagara Sanosuke 
(Rurouni Kenshin), and
Auron from FFX. The
guy on the botoom is
Spike Siegel (sp?) from
Cowboy Beebop
It's D!! Vampire Hunter
D!!! And of course his 
trusty sidekick must
be on his hand!
Here is Dark Vash 
the Stampede from
Trigun and Kuro-neko
on his shoulder ^^. He 
had like three 
different Vash outfits:
normal Vash, this one,
and I *think* the 
Vash during ep. 21. If
I'm wrong, please tell
Dilandou and Van Fanel
from Escaflowne. 
Dialandou-sama was 
rather popular during
expo ^^.
Gundam Epyon from
Gundam Wing ^^. This
was sooo nifty. All he 
did was say "Wait!" and
*whoosh* out come the
Here's another nifty
outfit: Eva Unit 01 
from Evangelion.

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