Misc. Cosplayers P2

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Gallery Two

This is AyanamiChan
and Juuhachigou Kuri.
We were playing with
Juuhachigou's brother's
dai-sho set that he 
imported from Japan
the night before expo.
Hotohori-sama and
Nuriko from 
Fushigi Yuugi. We
crossed paths a 
couple of times
during expo.
Caught one of many
Inuyashas during
the god awful line to
Dealer's room.
Speaking of playing 
around with swords...
NEVER mess with 
Juuhachigou! *whap*
from Trigun. We 
have named him..er
it: The CAT on 
Princess Leia! Hey...
wait a second...I 
thought that this
was an ANIME
AyanamiChan posing as
a teenage Marron from
Dragon Ball.
Suzaku no Miko, Yuuki
Miaka, and Seiryuu no
Miko, Hongo Yui, from
Fushigi Yuugi.
Like mother, like
Juuhachigou as 
herself and Marron.
And no, they're eyes
are not naturally red.
Stupid red eye got 
on the camera...

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