Ayame-chan's AX02 Cosplay Gallery


Hello and welcome to my cosplay page! These are all the pictures that I took over at AnimeExpo2002 in Long Beach. I was there for at least 3 days and spent about $120 in two days as well as three rolls of film ^^. Now I know that three rolls isn't enough because there are so many cosplayers!

Just be warned that I'm not the best camera person in the world. I dropped my camera about three times along the way, and some of the pictures don't look that great. But hey, it's the quantity that matters right now, right? Oh yes, my pictures are in no particular order (the dates on the back of my pictures say that it's January 1996...*shrugs*) so I just split them up into sections. Use the map on your left to navigate through.

Click here if you want to see my AX02 con report ^^;;;

Who was I during Expo? I was Yuna (FFX....Friday), Watase-sensei (Fushigi Yuugi creator...Sunday), and the girl with an FFX T-shirt and jeans on Thursday. My friends Juuhachigou Kuri, AyanamiChan, and Kupo-chan were: Juuhachi ~ Juuhachigou/18 (DBZ...Thursday); Ayanami ~ Marron (DBZ...Thursday), Rikku (FFX...Friday), Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi...Sunday); Kupo ~ Dagger (FF9....Friday)