Once again, this is a pretty straightforward page. Just click on the thumbnails to get the actual size! And yes, if I happen to not know who the cosplayer is cosplayed as, it's nice to e-mail me a correction!


My pictures:

The ultimate spoiler: Aeris with
a stab wound! (FF7)
Me as Alice Seno ...or at least trying to be (Alice 19th)
A couple of Anbu that I spotted...(I wanna be ANBU!!) [Naruto]
Black Mage #...er...2? 3? Something like that. (FF9)
Boba Fet (sp?) from Star Wars...
Aisha, the only Outlaw Star character I saw! (Outlaw Star)
Lee and Kyuubi Naruto...such cool eyes (Naruto)
Yagyuu Jubei, I believe. Lone Wolf and Cub, I know.
Me as Hinata...again, trying to be, anyway (that jacket was HUMID!!) [Naruto]
Catching a soldier by surprise. (Metal Gear Solid)
Chrno and Rosette Christopher (Chrno Cross)
Darth Vader with a lightsaber...that made that lightsaber sound ^__^ (Star Wars)
Forget Predator, let's go with Alien vs. Dragon!
Eiko that I ran into waiting for the Gaia panel.(FF9)
The outlook of the impending Final Fantasy Complete Gathering (hey, I want that gunblade!)
Dead or Alive gathering, part 1
Dead or Alive gathering, part 2 (why in the world I put "ninja" as the title...uh...cuz I thought I saw Ryu from Ninja Gaiden ^^)
The super duper ONIGIRI (Fruits Basket)
Some random people with face masks...I just thought they looked cool.
J-rockers? Maybe...(darn that red line!! Couldn't duck underneath that red line...)
FF7 Gathering from the Complete
All those lovely heroines from FF6 and below ^_^
Ed, Roy, Hughes, and Izumi
(Full Metal Alchemist)
Me as Kagura from Fruits Basket (had to REALLY manipulate Photoshop for this...twas very dark in our room)
A random Gundam wandering about ^_^
Robin Sena (such a cool dress...)
[Witch Hunter Robin]
Ryuuho and Scheris ...these lucky people got our spare AMV tickets! ^^
I HAD to take a picture of him as soon as I saw him walking down the sidewalk, Seifer style ^^ (FF8)
SNAKE!!!...*coughs* er...Big Boss, I mean ^^. (Metal Gear Solid 3)
Dark Vash vs. Vash?? (Trigun)
Hatori!! With...HARU!!!
(Fruits Basket)
Wait, don't shoot me!! Seras, Pip and Major
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru dueling it out
The ultimate wacky pairing ^_^ -- Juuhachigou and Kakashi!
(DBZ and Naruto)
Master looks so cool in his Kakashi outfit! (Yep, that's MasterChief!)
Syoran and Fai. (Tsubasa: River Chronicles)

VIVI!!!! *glomp*


This...was...just... AWESOME!!!!

(Xenosaga, forgive me for typing in Xenogears as the filename...mind slipped ^^)

Zidane, you PERVERT!

(Zidane and Garnet, FF9)

More of Master's niftyness! (Kakashi, Naruto)

The Prince from the most ADDICTING GAME EVER!!

(Katamari Darmacy)

Auron vs. Sora? I think....

(Kingdom Hearts)

Catch that darn mushroom! (Kingdom Hearts)
The kickass duel-bladed keywielder. He's gotta be hot in that jacket.. (Kingdom Hearts)
Vash and his female persona with...donuts!
Kaede trying to hide from my camera...^^

Kupochan's pictures

Maulie and SwedMex's pictures