Hello and welcome back to Ayame-chan's Cosplay edition: AX05! It seems that last year, I forgot to put up my pictures and put my friends' up instead, but there was a reason!! I lost my camera last year! And plus, the pictures I got with my disposable wasn't all that great....>.<

*coughs* Anyway, this is a pretty straightforward map. Panels will go to the panels that I went to, cosplay means all the pictures of cosplayers that I have taken, contact just leads you to my e-mail address.

Along with my pictures, I'll also be putting up my friends' photos from AX as well -- and I'll indicate which one's mine and which one's theirs. I actually went to a lot more panels this year than taking pictures of cosplayers (shame on me, yes, I know...but the panels were so much fun!!), plus, having my camera stolen the previous year, I was hesitant to take out my new digicam out a lot. But...it's quality over quantity this time...yes??

Where did I stay? The Desert Palms Inn (in a suite, nonetheless!)

Who did I go with? My friends, of course! =P

Who did I cosplay as? See my con report for more info.


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