Ayame-chan: Here's the newest member to the cosplay picture group, Kupochan! Would you like to say anything in greetings, Kupochan?

Kupochan: Hello, as Ayame said, my name's Kupo-chan. If you're wondering how I got the name... well it's a long story. oh yes, and I am a moogle owned by Sephiroth (how that came about is as long story too) but anyhoo, these are my pix from AX05. I am not the best picture taker in the world (some of my pictures come out blurry 'cuz I can never hold the camera still^^;;). Enjoy, no da!

Dark Vash and normal Vash "holding-up" another Vash
2 Red haired dude
(KH: CoM and KH2)
Sheena and Zellos (I think *can never remember is name*... he's the chosen one from T'etheala (sp?)) from Tales of Symphonia
Aaww... how cute. A chibi Naruto riding on Iruka's back. The poor little Naruto was so tired.
5 Dead or Alive Gathering
6 Yuki plushie vs. Kyo plushie
(Fruits Basket)
7 TV from FLCL
8 Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke
9 Yagyuu Jubei
(Lone Wolf and Cub)
10 Inuyasha and Sesshomarou
11 Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, Gaara (Sexy no Jutsu), and Iruka (Sexy no Jutsu)
12 Kagome, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru
13 Black Mage and Vivi
14 Hatori
(Fruits Basket)
15 Kuja, Zidane, the girl who's always after him, Garnet
16 Squall killing...Squall?
17 FF Complete gathering PI
18 Girr
(Invader Zim)
19 FF Complete Gathering PII
20 FF Complete Gathering PIII
21 FF Complete Gathering PIV
22 FF Complete Gathering PV
23 Red Mage
24 Terra, Celes #1, Rydia, Celes #2 (FFIV and FFVI)
25 FF7 group
26 Momiji
(Fruits Basket)
27 Genjyo Sanzo
28 Me as Alice
(Alice 19th)
29 Brian as Kakashi PI
30 Brian as Kakashi PII
31 Brian posing
32 Kim and Brian
(DBZ and Naruto)
33 You as Tohru (tried to clear the picture, but it's so blurry that it's beyond sharpening)
(Fruits Basket)
34 Boba Fet
(Star Wars)
35 Darth Vader
(Star Wars)
36 Boba Fet vs. Jedi
(Star Wars)
37 Onigiri
(Fruits Basket)
39 Naraku, Kana, Chibi Inuyasha
40 Wolfwood and confession box
41 Different Wolfwood
42 I have no clue
43 Wing Gundam
(Gundam Wing)
Bison vs...Akuma??
(Street Fighter)
45 Lulu (FFX)
46 Tetris boxes battle
Random Naruto cosplayers
Random Naruto cosplayers with a smoke bomb
49 Tetris boxes
50 Chi
51 Chibi Inuyasha again
52 Vash

Random Pictures

53 Our room PI
54 Our kitchen
55 The other room
56 Peter and Rusty (who's hiding behind the door)

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