maulie and SwedMex's pictures...(as you can see we were a bit lazy on taking pics)

Ayame-chan notes: All the random comments are by me! That intro is by maulie from above ^^.

Inner Sakura and Sakura
Charmander (Pokemon)
Puss n Boots!!
(Shrek 2)
Aww....he's so damn CUTE!!!
(Shrek 2)
Yuki vs. Kyo...who will win?? Mwuahaha...
(Fruits Basket)
6 White Mushroom
(Kingdom Hearts)
7 No Face and view of 3rd floor
(Spirited Away)
8 The Gorillaz?
9 Dragon
10 Dragon PII
11 Dragon PIII
12 Storm Troopers
(Star Wars)
13 Star Wars character
14 Captain Jack Sparrow
(Pirates of the Carribean)
15 Robot from Futurama
16 Robot again from Futurama
17 Alien vs. Lulu
Zack in his alien outfit
19 Bleach Gathering PI
20 Bleach gathering PII
21 Bleach gathering PIII
22 Bleach gathering PIV
23 Gaara sleeping

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