And so here ends the last day that I took pictures (didn't take any on the 4th day because I was getting ready to go home ^_^)

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panchira! as Bankai Ichigo again ^_^
Aura in her Rukia school outfit
Albel as Kenpachi vs. another Ichigo...and owned!!
Aizen-taichou (er...ex-taichou) looking devious as always...
A very random ANBU Itachi and Zaku that I discovered to stop...
Whoa...what's that guy in the middle doing? *talks on cell phone*
(FF7: Before Crisis?)
A walking PenPen that waddled!!
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Orihime with her Tsubaki!
Beyond the Grave ^__^ *goes fangirly squeal*
One of my friends that I happened to run into; dressed as a Lolita?
To be honest...I HAVE NO IDEA
Yomiko Readman looking confused next to a random cosplayer
(Read or Die)
Ah, that's the way you teach your kids how to use squirt guns ^^
(Devil May Cry)
I wanted to know how Fai got that staff again...
(Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)
The Grim Reaper will ALWAYS get you!!
But Aizen loves the Grim Reaper...
A VERY good Utena cosplayer ^^
(Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Edea was hanging around
A photographer was helping to fix the bike
A little better angle with bike fixed
Some more Xenosaga cosplayers on the left side
A Mugen group that I happened to catch ^^
(Samurai Champloo)
Zabuza...hee hee ^^
SANZO!!! I'M HUNGRY!! *gulp*
Lacus Clyne and Meer Campell...I wanna cosplay Lacus one year ^^.
(Gundam Seed Destiny)
The Ruroken group on one side...
...and the other side...
And at the end!!
Then the Misao and chib-Sano came in the front ^^
(Rurouni Kenshin) Gin's a pimp now? ^^
Sou-kun with Shishio in the background
(Rurouni Kenshin)
Griffith and Guts ^^
I like that Halconen ^__^
A nice FF6 group ^_^
Tifa, I have some blackmail for you!!
(FF7: Advent Children)