Hello and welcome to my Anime Expo 2006 cosplay gallery! If you've seen my previous galleries of the previous years, then you'll know what to do. If not, then just click on the map below that'll show you where to go! I do apologize in advance for the huge size of this thing; this is pretty much only compatible with a screen of 1020x1280 or higher; if not it'll look a bit funny. The text on the map that has been highlighted white will be available to look at; those that are shaded gray won't be available until I get the pictures and the time to edit, crop, and downsize them. WARNING: Make sure you have a fast connection; it'll take a while for these pictures to load!!

Update 8/31/06 - MasterChief's pictures are up! ^^

...Where did I stay? The Anaheim Marriott..........Who did I stay with? My friends, of course!.........Who was I? See my con report for details....
Top, bottom, and side banners are from the X/1999 2006 Calendar in tribute to AX06's super Guests of Honor: CLAMP
The map is from the Bleach Calendar...er...not sure which year, though ^^; this is in tribute to the craziness that is the Bleach Gathering.
Feel free to e-mail me for corrections and contributions to the gallery!