Welcome to my gallery! Here, I've switched it around a bit. I actually organized my pictures by the day. Scary...ain't it? I'm getting more organized!! *cries*

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Aww...poor Rufus
(FF7: Advent Children)
A cool Touga that I found
Girl Utena)
Komamura from the AX Bleach thread forums ^^
One of many Sephiroths about
A very cool Samurai outfit
(Samurai Storm Troopers)
A pretty good Rukia and Urahara standing nearby
Jiraiya and Asuma...too bad I wasn't in Kurenai outfit that time ^^
A very cool Kakashi in ANBU gear
He has a Calorie Mate!!
(Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
Another cool Athrun standing about
(Gundam SEED)
<--His companion as Duo Maxwell
(Gundam Wing)
A Zell who danced around to get ready for a pose ^^
Having some fun at the FF8 Gathering...
Seifer, how could you?
More fun at the FF8 Gathering ^_^
The ultimate battle of course ^^
Revenge! Hah!
Seifer vs...Seifer??
She's even got Fluffy!! *coughs*
Aura in her Rinoa outfit ^^
A cool Naruto group hangin' about
panchira! as Ichigo with a Byakuya
Another Ada Wong strolling about (one of 3, including myself ^^)
(Resident Evil 4)
The AX Bleach group having fun posing ^_^
Ishida, looking calm and collected of course ^^
Fumei as Nanao found her Kyoraku-taichou ^^
A very blurry KH2 group (darn camera...)
A nice Zangetsu, with both swords!
Aura found another Squall ^^
Mafia Leon and Louis acting like, well, Louis ^^
(Resident Evil 4)
Me and Kaede posing as Jill Valentine and Ada Wong
(Resident Evil 3 & 4)
What would have been a really fun RE gathering if it hadn't been ruined by staff...
Remainder of the RE gathering; all of us posin' ^^
Another cool pose in a different angle
(Resident Evil)
The other half of the RE group
Can't you just tell the person who took this loved RE? ^^ (no, it wasn't me, I'm in the picture!)
Another RE group piccy ^^
One last photo op in this stance...
Wait a sec...is that Claire Redfield over the in the corner there??
Louis havin' fun with the STARS member ^^
(Resident Evil)
Seems like Leon's in trouble here...
(Resident Evil 4)
Wait, scratch that, he's in trouble NOW.
(Resident Evil 4)
But there's no need to fear ^_^
Because Leon's that special he has help ^_^
Yay for Merchants!
(Resident Evil 4)
A very cool Mafia Leon who borrowed my typewriter...
(Resident Evil 4)
A Bella Dona sister who kinda fell on my feet ^^
(Resident Evil 4)
Look out behind you....
Jill vs. Jill...over a first aid spray ^^;
(Resident Evil 3)
Who will win? Game Jill or Movie Jill??
(Resident Evil 3)
Why must my former teacher browbeat me down and treat me nice??