You'll notice that I start to take less and less by the day ^^;; I can't run around all the time, you know!

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A very nice looking Byakuya in the vicinity
Darnit, why do Japanese cosplayers look so good?? [left to right: Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) - Kikyo (Inuyasha) - Rinoa (FF8)
A cool looking Chii wandering around Dealer's Hall
A group of Sailor Moon cosplayers...ah, the memories ^^
Remnants of what I could catch at the FF Complete Gathering PI
It pays to be small really does ^^
Well, if I could just move around a little bit more...maybe...
Maes Hughes having some fun with the mic...and his daughter ^^
(Full Metal Alchemist)
It's a BABY KON!!! (so cute!!!)
A very good Chise walking about...with the huge metal arm and all!!
You can't have an AX without the surprised soldier ^^
(Metal Gear)
Yes, yes, we know you love him, Itachi...but does Sasuke??
A cool Selphie I caught before passing Dealer's Hall
My Macross/Robotech fandom just got to me here ^^; (Rick Hunter/Hikaru Ichijo from Robotech/Macross)
Another KH2 group that I snapped while they were off-guard
Rydia and Rosa with...a TENTACLE!!
A Rikku and Paine whom I was able to snap
One in out of every 1000 cosplayers will go as Ryoko ^^
(Tenchi Muyo)
Took this because of the box...inside was a person, but the skull head guy looks cool, too ^^
A very good Karin and Yuri cosplayers ^_^
(Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
A whole big bunch group of Slayers!! YAY!!
(Slayers NEXT)
Very nice KH2 Sora...I think it's his final form (and he's even got blue contacts!!)
(Kingdom Hearts II)
Us Bleach forum members meeting, hehe ^^ (guess which one's me!)
Fumei and I ran towards this really good Sephy cosplayer...
Another cool Shadow Hearts Group (combines all 3 games)
He looked nifty....a .hack/sign cosplayer??
More yummy Bleachy-ness (but maulie keeps on smiling!)
The group at a different angle...
panchira! as Bankai Ichigo vs. Renji...who's gonna win??
Yoruichi-sama, I'm so sorry!!!
Okay, maybe I'm not sorry at all! ^^
maulie felt like a power ranger as Yoruichi...
And lo and behold, we found one passing by O_o
(Power Rangers...part ??)
So she had to take a picture with him!
(Bleach and Power Rangers part 100000)
The Merchant even had the accent, that was awesome
(Resident Evil 4)
A pretty cool group of Mugen, Fuu, and Jin (was about to say Moo, Fugen and Jin again...)
(Samurai Champloo)
The Sanosuke with the insane zanbatou...couldn't even take all of the sword in here!!
(Rurouni Kenshin)
It's the King...of Cosmos!!!
(Katamari Darmacy)
A nifty Robin I caught
(Witch Hunter Robin)
Along with her friend as Cloud ^^
(FF7: Advent Children)