The Bleach gathering was the only one that I could go to...and it was very hard to find it >.<. Thanks to some helpful Bleach cosplayers whom Lady Kitsune and I found, we were able to manage to find our way to the stairs. Some cosplayers are repeats, but hey, that's okay because they're just that awesome ^^.

B1 ----- B2 ----- B3 ----- B4

Vizard Group
Hiyori and Shinji 1: Closeup
Hiyori and Shinji 2: Closeup
Hollow Ichigo group
...and Hollow Kaien doesn't know why he's getting poked at
Bleach group as a whole (gave this to someone else to take a picture of)
Really cool Ururu...she kept her stuff in the bazooka XD
Again, I run into the nifty Espada group from earlier ^^