The Bleach gathering was the only one that I could go to...and it was very hard to find it >.<. Thanks to some helpful Bleach cosplayers whom Lady Kitsune and I found, we were able to manage to find our way to the stairs. Some cosplayers are repeats, but hey, that's okay because they're just that awesome ^^.

B1 ----- B2 ----- B3 ----- B4

Division 4
...That grew
Someone shouted that Aizen was a pimp ^^;
And well, he was, kinda...being the only one there
Division 6
Division 6: Closeup
Played around with the camera angle ^^
Poor Division 7...
But at least, finally, there was someone who cosplayed the vice captain
Division 8
Division 8: Closeup 1
Division 8: Closeup 2
Division 9...check out the Tousen who's posing funny XD
I thought that this was amusing: one of the Shuuhei cosplayers needed to take off his badge
And so he finally got it off ^^
Division 10; by far the largest out of all the Gotei 13
Division 10: Closeup 1
Division 10: Closeup 2