The Bleach gathering was the only one that I could go to...and it was very hard to find it >.<. Thanks to some helpful Bleach cosplayers whom Lady Kitsune and I found, we were able to manage to find our way to the stairs. Some cosplayers are repeats, but hey, that's okay because they're just that awesome ^^.

B1 ----- B2 ----- B3 ----- B4

The only Ishida present shooting someone ^^
Very nifty Cirucci Thunderwitch cosplayer
One of many cool Rukia cosplayers
The cute Isane and Kyoraku couple I met
The cutest Nel I've ever seen!
This Ichigo forgot to take off his glasses ^^
An Arrancar with an Orihime group shot (I love my zoom)
Group shot of Ichigo cosplayers
Ichigo cosplayers: Closeup one
Ichigo cosplayers: Closeup two
Group shot of Ryoka (and uniform Rukia) Chad this time =(
Ryoka : Closeup one
Ryoka: Closeup 2
Urahara Shoten group with Renji the freeloader
...and then attacking said freeloader (hence why you can't see him)
Urahara Shoten: Closeup shot
Division 3
The gathering's lovely organizers (megaphones are wonders)