The Bleach gathering was the only one that I could go to...and it was very hard to find it >.<. Thanks to some helpful Bleach cosplayers whom Lady Kitsune and I found, we were able to manage to find our way to the stairs. Some cosplayers are repeats, but hey, that's okay because they're just that awesome ^^.

B1 ----- B2 ----- B3 ----- B4

Division 10: Closeup 3
At first, Division 11 was composed of just Bankai Ikkaku and Yumichika
Then it finally grew ^^
Division 11: Closeup 1
Division 11: Closeup 2
Division 12: Same person who shouted at Aizen also shouted that Mayuri was a pimp ^^;
Division 13...but no Ukitake-taichou this year =(
Division 13: Closeup
Although lots of people were shocked by how the Halibel cosplayer looked...she was actually pretty accurate (my props to her to actually do that...)
Arrancar and Espanda group
With the cute Nel in the middle ^^
Arrancar and Espada: Closeup
Beware of Szayel Aporro Granz ^^
Former shinigami
Former shinigami: Closeup 1
Former shinigami: Closeup 2
Former Shinigami: Closeup 3 (haha Hiyori making a face at Shinji ^^)
Poor Kon...all by his lonesome ^^