Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay P2
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Gallery Two

Kamatari in
*his* alternate 
outfit and one of many
Kaoru's kimonos.
Kamatari and Soujiro
at the Artist's Alley
on the top floor...for 
some odd reason, 
Kamatari looks like my
All the Kaorus who were at the gathering...gosh,
never knew that there were so many ^^. But
hey, this didn't add up to the number of Yunas
at Expo this year...
Now what did Sano do
this time to anger
Kaoru, I wonder...
From left to right: 
Kaoru, Hiko, and 
Kenshin all doing the
battoujutsu stance...
The entire Ruroken group at the gathering. I
had to take three separate pictures and tape
them together because there werer just so 
many people...
All of the Kenshins 
put together...including
Battousai ^^.
Caught a Megumi from
the Hyatt the next day!
It took me forever to 
take the picture, though
because the batteries
to my camera were 
running out.
Enishi in his Seisouhen
outfit and the only 
Tomoe that was there
at the gathering.
Here are the three 
Saitous at the gathering.
All of them look as calm 
and collected as usual...

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