Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay

This section is divided into 3 galleries. Enjoy!

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Gallery One

The Sanosukes in their
typical back stance of
the "Aku" character
Hee hee...Aoshi-sama!!!
Of course Misao has to
glomp him ^^. But wait..
who are those three 
guys waving to back 
This Kenshin was just
perfect for the Hiko
to whack his katana on.
Poor Kenshin...what did
he do now, de gozaru?
The only Hitokiri 
Battousai that I took
a picture of...and he 
was damn good at that
glare, too...
Chibi Sano and Normal
Yukishiro Enishi in his
typical "I am COOL!" 
pose ^^. Gotta love 
The Juppon Gatana
in the morning of the
opening ceremonies line
Here's the entire 
Juppon Gatana...all
we're missing are Yumi,
Chou, and the odd ones
(Fuji, Iwanbou, etc.)
The Juppon Gatana 

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