Final Fantasy Cosplay P2

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Gallery Two

The only Sephiroth 
that I found, whom I
shouted to, and a very
....entrancing Kuja ^^.
Yet another Lulu! 
She only had the top
on and was wearing
black jeans instead
of the dress. Don't 
blame her, though ^^
This is one reason why 
I don't take many pics
of myself....But anyhoo,
This is the only Tidus 
that I was able to
catch as we were sitting
^^. His friend said 
lucky him ^^
Hey, it's Zell! The only
Zell I found!! Hehehe...
And the lady in the back:
it's Shiva!!! One of 3!
Yuna in her beautiful
wedding dress and 
another Tidus. Now if 
Tidus could just wear
a tux, and the wedding
would be complete ^^.
A male Vincent and a 
female Vincent ^^. The
guy on the right was with
the Tidus above and said
"Lucky Tidus".
Yes, you guessed it, it's
Yojimbo! I had to run 
after him after finishing
lunch and he was nice
enough to pose during the
God awful line to Dealer's
The only Yuffie I saw.
Poor girl seemed so 
lost in the Final 
Fantasy Gathering...
That's one good 
shuriken, though.
And yes, of course, every
and any female character
has got to have the male
counterpart ^^. Come to
think of it, he does look 
pretty good as a male 

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