Final Fantasy Cosplay

This section is divided into 2 galleries. Enjoy!

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Gallery One

Looky here! It's TWO Vincents and an Aeris! Caught Auron off guard ^^

Here's the Auron and Lulu that I was running after while Kimhari ran by...

Going from left to right: AyanamiChan as Rikku, Kupo-chan as Dagger, another Dagger and Kuja.
A very cool Beatrix and
Freya. And look behind 
them, it's AyanamiChan
taking pictures of more
The only Cloud to which
I could say "STOP! Can
I have your picture?"
He also challenged 
Sephy, too ^^.
Yet another Bandwagon
of FFX cosplayers. 
From left to right:
Tidus, Lulu, and Yuna.
The only Freya I saw.
Boy, whoever's in there
has GOT to be hot...
Cool costume, though!
Irvine and Squall. Hehe
I had to put my hand 
out and say "STOP!"
while we were on our 
way to the Hyatt.

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