Located here are all the cosplay pictures taken by me. Pictures by my friends will be provided as soon as they send them to me! Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger size.

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A majority of these are from the Gundam Seed/Destiny gathering

2 Yzaks together... with a white Haro ^^
Yzak, Athrun, Kira
Haros were talking to the MS
(Gundam Seed/Destiny)
I was happy...just tired ^^;
Shinn and Kira make amends ^^
Heine tries to kill Stella/Stellar ^^
Bunch of Lacus cosplayers with Shinn, Athrun, and Meyrin ^^
Ahtrun being a pimp with Meer and Lacus ^^
Meyrin with Lacus and Meer
Heine and Athrun being silly ^^
Meer Campbell
Haros are talking with each other!
Kira, past and present
Athrun and another Meer cosplayer ^^
Kira and Athrun taking a picture together
Meer Campbell cosplayers
The only thing that Lacus and Kira do in GS ^^;;; (that's me, btw)
And the modified humans come along...
Char has a huge...weapon in hand O_O
(Mobile Suit Gundam, the original)
Semi-chaos form Vincent (FF7: Dirge of Cerberus)
Big Ranma 1/2 group I caught ^^
Veritech cosplayer!
(Macross/ Robotech)
Menchi...looking for an Excel to cook?
(Excel Saga)
Yep, definitely so
(Excel Saga)
A better look at the Veritech cosplayer in the front...
And another side view of him