Located here are all the cosplay pictures taken by me. Pictures by my friends will be provided as soon as they send them to me! Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger size.

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Saiyuki Reload Cosplayers
Not sure if this is Abel Nightroad or not...
(Trinity Blood?)
Really nifty outfit...from 300 maybe?
Kamatari and Sanosuke..Kamatari's got such a cool scythe!
(Rurouni Kenshin)
Bankai Ikkaku...yes, you read right: BANKAI Ikkaku
A friend as Bankai Ichigo with PJ Rukia ^^
Nifty looking Baltheir
D.Gray Man group (...I think...)
Larsa and Wedding version Ashe (FF12)
3 Versions of codenamed Lightning (FF13)
Haidee/Haydee (Gankutsuo otherwise known as The Counte of Monte Cristo)

Uh-oh...Reno looks like he's gonna get hit by a heartless!
(FF7, KH)

Huge Mokona!
(Tsubasa, Magic Knights Rayearth)
Gunner Yuna and Chibi Songstress Rikku
Studio Ghibli cosplay group
My friend Darkwings (not sure what series, though...)
Vincent Valentine
(FF7: Dirge of Cerberus)
Vaan, Ashe, and Penelo... international style ^^
Kingdom Hearts Aeris/Aerith and Wedding dress Dagger
(KH2, FF9)
Axel and Roxas...with a popsicle ^^
(Kingdom Hearts 2)
Warrior Yuna
And so...the FF Complete Gathering begins...
And it starts to get more crowded ^^
I'm so happy that I'm short..
Because I actually sat down taking these
And it really benefits
A lot
Closer look to people on the top
Whoa, that berserk Terra looks cool ^^
FF11 cosplayers on the bottom
Ze brothers... Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo
(FF7: AC)
One of a fairly few good Frans out there...