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Eh, so it's not as much as I had last year ^^;;; But still! It's quality over quantity, right?? Besides...once AyanamiChan and some more of my friends get their pictures developed, you'll bet that you'll see more on here ^_^. All pictures range from Final Fantasy VI to X-2 (and Kingdom Hearts as well ^_^)

Yep, you guessed it, it's Cid! Caught him while we were waiting in line for the AMVs.
Lord Braska with Yuna's guns! ^_^ He was selling Yuna guns for around $35 each at the gathering.
The ever elusive Sorceress Edea makes her scene. She must have been so hot in that outfit...

Final Fantasy 6 Cosplayers! This was sooooo cool. I love their outfits! So beautiful, so detailed...gah, I envy their sewing skills! ^^

One of many reasons why Japanese cosplayers look so cool in their costumes ^_^. FFX-2 Cast, with a really cool Paine!

These lovely people were kind enough during all of the chaos on Friday to take pictures! ^_^ From left to right: Rikku (FFX-2 form), Yuffie (Kingdom Hearts form), and Yuna (FFX-2 form)

Basically, a HUGE group of FFX Japanese cosplayers with their final weapons. And look! A really cool Kimarhi on the side! ^_^

The FFX Japanese cosplay group again. I tried to take a better picture this time, but there were so many people around!

Fujin from FF8. She was so happy that I recognized her! ^_^ (Dedicated FF8 fan? Of course I am!)

It is the gathering of the 5 Princesses of Heart (Alice in Wonderland, Kairi, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White..all featured in Kingdom Hearts)! That Kairi in the picture is AyanamiChan! Sorry for the bad picture...kinda was in a bad range around a crowd full of people!

Lovely AyanamiChan as Kairi taking a pose with a Sora from Kingdom Hearts (he's from the masquerade! That KH group that one!! ^_^)

Kingdom Hearts Group Pose #1 (well, number one from when I entered the scene ^_^)

(Hey, I saw that Sora somewheres...) The "Light Warriors" group at the Masquerade (excluding a Riku and Sephiroth which you'll see soon). Consisting of Ansem, Squall (Leon), and Sora of Kingdom Hearts

Malificent enters the scene! Good thing it was evening time ^^;;;

Yet another KH cast! There's Kairi (she makes a good Kairi...so small!), Sora, Riku from the Deep Dive/Another Side, Another story trailer, and Leon once again.

A very, very cool looking Sephiroth in KH form as well as Riku in his...possessed Ansem form ^_^.


Sano, a part of the LeBranc sphere hunting group, in Final Fantasy X-2. (It's coming out this October in the U.S.! Whoo-hoo! *does a little dance*)

My friend, Torch (dressed as Selphie) FINALLY finds an Irvine to pounce on ^_^. Actually, I told her to come into the picture...because all she did was just stand there!!

A Selphie that I found and told Torch to take a picture with her ^_^. Looky! They both got Irvine's hat! ^_^

A close-up of my friend Torch and another Selphie ^_^.

The evil, eternal Seymour from Final Fantasy X is back! And with a vengeance ^_^.

Squall...smiling?!? He just popped out of the corner of my eye ^__^ (Too bad I wasn't in my Rinoa costume that day)

Squall in his lovely SeeD uniform with a Rinoa in her ballroom outfit. Care to dance? ^_~

A very cool looking Yuna in Gunner form (FFX-2)

Another Yuna in her Trainer's outfit! Now all she needs is Yojimbo's little dog ^_^

Ah! It's Zell! ^_^ I actually saw him the day before, but told him about the FF gathering on Friday, and *poof* so he appeared! ^_^

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