Welcome to my Anime Expo 2003 cosplay gallery! This year, I took about equally the same number of pictures as last year...except on more roll of film more ^^. I think my pictures from last year were a lot better because the ones that I got developed this year....well, I guess you can say that I had to use Photoshop a great deal to get a decent looking picture ^^;; I hope you still like it, though!

Anyway, I stayed at the Anabella Hotel during my four days at Expo with my (former) high school's anime club. Also, during the course of the year between last year's AX and this year's AX, I got exposed to a lot more anime than what knowledge I had ^_^. So, as you can see from the map, I had to divide my pictures somehow so that it would make more sense.

Square Enix (formerly known as Squaresoft) deals with all of the cosplayers from Kingdom Hearts AND misc. Final Fantasys. I took pictures of other video game characters that I recognized, and it's pretty much the same with the anime section ^_^.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Oh yes, feel free to use these. My only request is to link my site ^_^.