Misc. Anime Cosplay

This is probably my largest gallery this year ^_^. I have tons and TONS of pictures of random cosplayers...and some pictures of the Gravitation and Fushigi Yuugi gathering as well ^_^.

Anyways this gallery is divided into 2 sections

1 ~ 2

Aoshi-sama!!! ^______^ Too bad I wasn't in my Misao costume at the time *sighs*

Ashitaka from Princess Monoke!! ^_^

Hey, it's Asuka! (A REALLY good plug suit, btw...all made out of...guess what? Elastic!!) and Yuzuha from Tenchi (thanks to ryorydemon for telling!)

Belldandy gives you her LOVE! ^___^ I absolutely adore her angel wings.

Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom. Hehe ^_^ I couldn't resist! You'll never get a true picture cosplay taking without SOME sort of Gundam walking around! (*sniff* couldn't take that picture of the cool one at the Masqerade, though..)

It's Dark Vash! In all his goofy glory (Vash, I mean...although this guy was pretty good as acting as him as well!)

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop being every so seductive ^_~

Gravitation gathering! Part one ^_^

Gravitation gathering part two! We just LOVE being goofy!

Dun dun dun! Here comes Vash to crash the Gravitation party! (he's off to the corner...couldn't take a picture of him when he was posing because I was laughing so much)

Inuyasha gathering! (Couldn't take more...this was the best view I could get around that huge crowd!)

Juuhachigou as..well...Juuhachigou! Never mess with her on a bad day ^_~

Here's a semi-Kenshin group I found! Yay! From left to right, Myojin Yahiko, Saitou Hajime, Mireille (from Noir..not Kenshin ^^), Chou in the back, Hiko-san, and Misao tossing kunai.

Midvalley the Hornfreak playing the sax.

I don't know where he comes from, but I just loved the outfit ^.^

A Rikku from FFX on the right...and a priestess on the left (I forget which anime) while we were waiting in line to get our badges.

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