Hellsing Cosplay
Ah, yes, Hellsing. The vampiric anime that has gotten a major influence of Bram Stoker's Dracula but with a better impact. I was introduced to this last year at AX, but never actually got to see the entire series until this year ^_^.

Uh...whoops! Misfired my camera ^^;;;

Here's the actual pose! Alucard vs. Alexander Anderson...Round Two!

A very cool-looking Alexander Anderson.

Alucard pins down two Andersons! *cheers* (I want those guns...*sniff*)

Say your prayers, guys! ^_^

We don't think so! Payback time!

A bit of the Hellsing Gathering...part one!

Hellsing group acting silly ^_^

Alucard has gotten the advantage over the priest ^_^ (Hey, where'd the other one go??)

Everyone, attack Alucard! =P

Hey...look! There's me and Juuhachigou! ^_^

The entire Hellsing group...part two!

Me as Seras Victoria (although I was too lazy to spray my hair orange ^^), and Juuhachigou as Integra Wingates Hellsing.

A very cool looking Walter whom my friends and I stopped along the way to the Marriot (and he explained to us how he got his costume together!)

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