MasterChief's Square Enix Gallery Page 2

Ayame-chan's insert: The Final Fantasy groups were taken by me, as "master" was too tired to tread on over to the FF gatherings set at noon ^^. (Couldn't blame him, he looked dead when I came into his room that day, lol)

Again, write as much as you want for the intro. It could just be something like "Take a look at all the people in here!" or something of that sort ^^. Anything random is always good.

Since the thumbnails are just portions of the picture that I cropped out, captions are needed. If you need any help as to who's who, I've also IDed the pictures as well as numbered them so you can tell me what you want to write under each picture.

This'll be divided into 2 pages.

Main ~ 1 ~ 2 ~

Cloud (FF7:AC version) and Tifa (FF7)

SoujiroEX as Reno (FF7)

Shadow (FF6)

Aeris and Turks (FF7)

FF7 Group #1

FF7 Group #2

FF7 Group #3

FF1-6 group #1

FF1-6 group #2

FF8 group #1

FF8 group #2

Dagger and Vivi #1 (FF9)

Dagger and Vivi #2 (FF9)

FFX & FFX-2 group #1

FFX & FFX-2 group #2

FFX/X-2 group #3

FFx/X-2 group #4

FF11 group #1

FF11 group #2

FF1-6 group #3

Turks/Shinra (FF7)

Me (Ayame-chan) as Tifa and Cloud (FF7:AC)