MasterChief's Square Enix Gallery

Ah, yes...SquareEnix of course ^^. Even though it's an anime convention, you'll always see Final Fantasy and SquareEnix related characters on the scene. Just click on the thumbnail to get the full size.

A note that I was the one who took all of the gathering pictures as MasterChief was very tired for the FF gathering...and he lent me his camera ^^

Main ~ 1 ~ 2 ~

Squall & Irvine (FF8)

Rikku, White Heartless, and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Quistis (FF8)

Warrior Rikku (FFX-2) and random person

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Tonberry (any FF)

Tonberry vs. KH Cloud

Scary Black Mage of doom

Tifa (FF7)

Mog (any FF)

Halloween Town Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Thief Rikku (FFX-2)

Jack (Kingdom Hearts)

Rikku (Kingdom Hearts: Deep Dive)

Lady Luck Rikku (FFX-2)

White Mushroom and 2 Axels (Kingdom Hearts 1&2)

KH cast #1

Dual-bladed Wielder (Kingdom Hearts: Deep Dive)

LeBlanc (FFX-2)

Tidus (FFX)

Cid (FF7)

Berserker Paine (FFX-2)

Warrior Paine (FFX-2)

Auron (FFX)

Wakka (KH version)