Welcome to my AnimeExpo 2002 con report! It's my second time that I've been to Expo, but I went for three days this time ^^. My twin, AyanamiChan, also went with me as well as two new people: Juuhachigou Kuri (who went for one day) and Kupo-chan. Also tagging along was AyanamiChan's little brother who went for one day.

I posted up earlier on the main section who we were cosplaying as. Well, most of them turned out right, except that MaulieKat couldn't come and we couldn't get our Gundam Wing costumes in time. But anyhoo, it was cool ^^.


1) Bring safety pins. LOTS of safety pins. They're very useful ^^.

2) If you're dressed as a very popular character or just look really cool, be aware that you will be stopped every two feet for pictures. And remember: SMILE! (I know, it's hard not to smile when your character is a person who rarely smiles).

3) If you're dressed as a significant other: be warned of glomping. Especially if you're a bishounen....

4) Be warned of people popping up behind you just to hug you and wear the scariest costumes.

5) The cheapest costume you can get is this: paper plate, sharpie, tee-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Just be warned that you will be stared at a LOT.


1) If you want to get specific things, go on the first day.

2) You CAN bargain for a better price!

3) If you see something in one booth, there's always duplicates throughout the Dealer's Room. And if you're like me who's looking for cheap things, then sift through the entire Exhibit hall before buying stuff.

4) If you want to get anything NON-specific, then go on the last day when you hear the PA announcer say "Attention all Exhibitors: the Exhibit Hall will close in thirty minutes"



This day was just a normal clothes day. It was supposed to be DBZ day, but only my twin and Juuhachi cosplayed. Juuhachi went as Juuhachi (and she was a GOOD Juuhachi!) and AyanamiChan went as Marron. I was supposed to be ChiChi, but last night arrangements made me as Watase-sensei...sort of. If you saw a short Asian chick wearing a Watase-sensei mask, a Final Fantasy X tee-shirt with the SCENE on there, and jeans, then that was me for half the day ^^. Our new companion, Kupo-chan, went as herself.

We got our tickets the night before (well, me, Ayanami, and Kupo-chan did....we had to leave early cuz Ayanami had to go to her Japanese class) and stayed up until around 1:30 or so in the morning. Then we woke up at six in the morning. Anyhoo, on Wednesday, we already saw some people cosplaying! We saw a Duo who was dragging some hotel luggage and a guy with a big Zanbatou ^^.

Anyhoo, once we got there, we escorted Juuhachi to get her ticket. For about a half and hour or so, we went to the front of the convention center to take pictures of any character that we recognized and then went back to see how Juuhachi was doing. While waiting at the exit, me and Ayanami took random pictures of anybody who was cosplayed and going up to get their tickets ^^.

From there, we basically wandered around to see what was going on. Some of the changes in location were the Dealer's room and the Artist's Alley which yours truly was gawking at for the longest time. After going to the Dealer's room and all that (soo...tempting...), we went to the Kenshin gathering that was in front of the Terrace Theater. I thought it was at the Hyatt, a.k.a. Cosplay Central, and then thought it was the Renaissance, but as we were on the other side of the street, we saw this huge crowd of people in front of the Theater and headed towards there. Lots and lots of Kenshin pictures taken ^^. Oh yeah, when we were still wandering around, we caught this group of guys who all had nifty looking swords (one guy was Sano and the other was...Auron, I think) and they immediately got into a pose for pictures ^^. That was cool. They told us that they just arrived twenty minutes ago and have been stopped every two feet for pictures ^^.

Weirdness of the day: when Ayanami went to the bathroom to take out whatever was in her eye, she saw Treize ^^.

Oh yeah, we saw a Juunanagou! She (she dressed up as a he, ya know?) was part of the Japanese cosplay and we both spotted one another. So, Juuhachigou found her Juunanagou even though it wasn't the one that Ayanami promised her!


Final Fantasy Day! As Kimarhi would say: "Friday was good day". Ayanami was dressed as Rikku, Kupo-chan was Dagger, and I was Yuna. My parents got lost in trying to get there, so we missed the Watsuki focus panel. So, we immediately went to the Hyatt lobby to see if anybody was there. There was. As soon as we got there and after waiting for a few minutes, we were asked for pictures. Me and Ayanami found us on "A Fan's View" in Friday's section: twice! The thing that shocked us was: they were mostly staff and press....

And so, we made it to the 2nd Annual Trigun Donut Breakfast and found the same Vash we took a picture of yesterday still Vash, but DARK Vash with Kuro-neko on his shoulder ^^. I was totally freaked out when I was talking to Ayanami and Kupo-chan when they said "AAAHHH!" (pointing), and I wondered what they were talking about and turned around. I went "AAAHHH!!!". This scary looking, cool dude from the Capcom vs SNK popped up behind me and didn't say anything at all. All he did was walk towards me. I ducked until he stooped over me and patted me on the back for a hug. Then he went on his way....^^;;; Whoever you are, you were really cool! Just don't do that again!!

The second scare I got was when, once again, I was talking to Ayanami and Kupo-chan and went "AAHHH!!" again. I turned around again and went "AAAAHHH!!!" It was Braska!

Rikku: I thought you were dead.

Braska: I am! Just came to visit my daughter ^^.

Yuna: *arms wide open* Father, it's so nice to see you again!

Then we went scouting for Final Fantasy cosplayers. There were a couple of Tidus' around (I caught one! ^^), but there weren't enough to sustain all the Yunas around. I ran after Lulu and an Auron with bunny ears. During that time, Ayanami and Kupo-chan saw a Kimarhi, Wakka, and Jecht running through. They shouted "KIMARHI!!" But they all said "No!!! No pictures!!!" Of course, the place was so loud that I didn't hear them at all ^^;; Then we sat around again, not knowing when the Final Fantasy gathering was going to start, when I found Sephiroth. I shouted his name pretty loudly and he turned around. Took his picture with Kuja and then we forced Kupo-chan to take pictures with another Dagger and the same Kuja ^^. After that, we decided to go upstairs to watch something in the Video Room. Nothing like watching Trigun after a good day's work ^^.

We missed the gathering, but got lots of pictures. Shiva had arrived before we had left and got a picture with her ^^. I didn't know what to pose, so I just did the blessing. And then we found another Yuna in her wedding dress. Lots of pictures were taken of her. That dress was so pretty! Good thing it didn't have the feathers ^^.

Then it was time for a cosplayer's lunch time. During that time, I had to throw away the garbage and Ayanami ran out to take a picture of some Storm Troopers. When she came back, I spotted a Yojimbo and did the same thing ^_^. That Yojimbo was pretty cool looking. He was in the Masquerade.

After that, we went into the Dealer's room again and got more stuff. This one dude in the booth that I was at gave me a free copy of a Nadeisco manga and said it was for my costume ^^. That made me feel so happy.

We also got free passes to the Voice Acting Event in the Renaissance Hotel. There, we saw people dubbing (and sometimes subbing) for an episode of Battle Galaxy Angel Express. We also saw a preview of a new anime that will be coming out in Japan next year called Sweet Dragon. The seiyuu for the main character was a special guest (he was kinda cute, too) and he did a random line from the series. Can't wait till it comes out in the States!!

Friday was the day we caught some good pictures. There was an Eva Unit 01, a Gundam Epyon, a Gundam Heavyarms, and....That was when I ran out of film. Ayanami took the rest after that ^^. We decided to take a break on Saturday and then come back on Sunday, the last day.


Aaahhh, Fushigi Yuugi day. Ayanami couldn't find the other part of her ribbon nor her rubber bands, so she just left her hair in a ponytail for Miaka. I was SUPPOSED to go as Nuriko, but seeing that I still had my Watase-sensei mask: I decided that I'd be her for the day ^______^.

And as Kimarhi would say again: "Sunday was also good day."

And what do you know: people actually took pictures of me! I thought that they were only going to take pictures of Ayanami since she was a recognizable character and all, but people took some of me too! And four people recognized me, one being a member of the press ^^. Virtual lollypops to you all! Once again, we were on "A Fan's View" again for the second (or was it third?) time here.

There was this one dude, while I was wearing my Watase mask, asked me why I was so sad. I laughed and he asked me for a hug. Well, got one, and got a picture of him, too ^^.

Randomness of the day: Ayanami was asked her phone number by a guy cosplayed as Tetsuo from Akira (or was it Akira himself? I dun remember) and she gave him her e-mail address. When asked why he wanted her number, he said he thought she was cute ^^. Awwwww......

That's all for the con report!