Welcome to my cosplay gallery! Hopefully I've been able to successfully identify all the cosplayers that took, but please, if you do know one that I don't, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to me so that I can correct it and give credits!

General 1 ----- General 2

Two Yuna cosplayers and a Lulu that I caught
(FFX & FFX-2)
It's always nice to see CC versions of Cloud ^^
(Crisis Core: FF7)
The cutest bankai Ichigo I saw...and so serious, too XD
Really nifty Meryl and Vash I caught up to
I think I met this Riku cosplayer last year...sword looks familiar O_o
(Kingdom Hearts)
I had only seen the Sasuke and Sakura before I realized they were a big group ^^
(Naruto: Shippuden)
Ouran had their own Host Club...kinda surreal XD
Nifty Dark Link cosplayer
(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
The COOLEST Alphonse I've seen! And there's a kitty on his shoulder!
(Full Metal Alchemist)
Not sure where this is from...but the huge plush and the cosplayer's attitude was really nice ^^

There always has to be an Ada Wong somewhere...
*wishes she was taller*
(Resident Evil 4)

Tai and Davis...I think ^^;
Two very cool Kyuubi cosplayers
Caught sight of a mini KH gathering ^^
(Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2)
Kankuro's mup--er puppet was magnetized ^^

I think they're the TV sets from FLCL...but I could be wrong; they're playing Guitar Hero and there was music in the BG ^^

Not sure if this is movie Anthy or TV version Anthy...but her dress was cool ^^
Girl Utena)
Two geisha that were walking around the South Hall ^^
Auron was kinda standing around ^^
Cute Fai and Mokona couple ^^
(Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)
I love the outfits that Sora and Kairi have ^^
(Kingdom Hearts)
While on my way to AMVs, a Yuffie and Aerith cosplayer I had to stop
(FF7:AC, Crisis Core: FF7)
This Espada and Orihime group I ran into a couple of times ^^
The other Lacus cosplayer I ran into and hugged out of excitement ^^
(Gundam Seed)