Welcome to my cosplay gallery! Hopefully I've been able to successfully identify all the cosplayers that took, but please, if you do know one that I don't, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to me so that I can correct it and give credits for helping me out!

General 1 ----- General 2

Ruka being all serious and cool
(Vampire Knight)
While Yuuki was her cheerful self ^^
(Vampire Knight)
The only Gundam 00 cosplayers I caught sight of...and it took me a few times to recognize them ^^;; Left to Right = Louise, Lockon with his trusty Haro and Feldt
I fiddled around with Photoshop for a bit...those contacts are really cool for Yondaime

The Heartless Sora cosplayer that caught my attention (as well as other peoples) when exiting Artist's Alley
(Kingdom Hearts 2)

She kept on moving around a lot...but I think it was due because she couldn't see ^^;;
(Kingdom Hearts 2)
Although blurry, managed to get a decent shot
(Kingdom Hearts 2)
It's Raijin, ya know? ^^
Of course Sai has to announce his favorite word
(Naruto: Shippuden)

Very good KOS-MOS cosplayer I caught entering Artist's Alley

Heartless Sora vs...Hercules! XD
Er...well, I don't know where he's from but he looked cool ^^
The cutest penguin ever with Sonic
(Disgaea and Sonic the Hedgehog)
The prinnie was making use of its cuteness ^^
Plushes galore were at AX