Comments in italics by Ayame-chan

This is was a private photoshoot between me and Kaede while we were in the Marriott stairwell...a perfect place to photoshoot without any interference from AX staff! XD It was quite fun.

SO...if you are quite familiar with the Resident Evil series, enjoy. If you aren't...well, enjoy, anyway XD

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Just some poses for now...
Ada wants to be a...gangster?
Do not mess with these women.
They're the best of friends, really!
Cover from both above and below
But what happens...
...when there's nothing left to do?
So, they ponder...
Apparently, Ada has seen Bleach a little bit too much
And she is given retribution by it.
And so...the battle begins...
Who will win?
This is a battle of epic proportions!
Ada Wong?
Or Jill Valentine?
A chokehold might work
Or maybe a knife to the throat
But the fancy butterfly kicks are better XD
But that might result in a huge opening
And because other inanimate objects are useful...
You get tired easily..
So after some healing...
...whether the healing was painful or not...
Off the the bar!
But unfortunately, Jill wants to go..
Yet Ada still asks for more alcohol
Because she's been depressed lately
*thinks* Damn you Leon...

And this photoshoot was brought to you by:

"Soothe - A - Cane" First Aid Spray, with Aloe Vera ^^