Welcome to my AX06 cosplay gallery! Since I didn't cosplay this year, I able to take lots of pictures... though strangely enough it actually felt weird not to cosplay. On the other hand, i got better with a camera!!! ^_^ enjoy!

This gallery is split into five parts: Bleach, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, misc cosplay, and random pictures

Ayame-chan: Don't be surprised about any duplicate pictures ^^. We tend to travel together.

Comments in italics by Ayame-chan.

Bleach -------------- Final Fantasy ------------- Resident Evil ------------ Misc. Cosplay -------------- Random

Kuchiki Rukia and Urahara Kisuke
Komamura as...
Kuchiki Byakuya
Baby Kon
It's the next best thing to meeting a seiyuu: their manager!
Me and maulie trying to duke it out XD
Aizen steps on Kyoraku-taichou
...and Ukitake mourns ^^
panchira! as Bankai Ichigo vs. Renji
maulie trying her best to beat me up ^^
Soi Fong vs. Soi Fong; Yoruichi vs. Yoruichi ^^
Byakuya vs. Renji
THAT was how many people there were taking pictures of us?
Chasing after Ichigo (panchira!)
Komamura Saijin vs. Kyoraku Shinsui
maulie as Yoruichi with a Power Ranger
Ichigo fighting a Hollow
Don Kanonji and Rukia
The chaos known as the Official Bleach gathering
A group of Hitsugayas
Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Nemu