Here are pictures from other people that aren't quite the regulars yet or just wanted to put theirs on here because they can ^_^. If any of you have gone to AX06 and want to contribute your pictures to the site, please e-mail me along with these specifications:

1. Your name and e-mail
2. Any comments you want on specific images, or you would rather have me do them, including a description of the cosplayer (I usually can figure them out really easily, but this is JUST IN CASE I DON'T KNOW)
and....3. The pictures themselves! These can be sent via link to your pictures through photobucket or something OR e-mailed through a .zip file ^^

It'll take me about a week for me to upload them onto my site, depending on my current RL schedule, but I will let you know ASAP when I put up your pictures!!

Komamura's Pictures - all comments done by me in italics

Aura in her Rinoa outfit
Bleach cosplayers at Dennys
More pics of the Bleach lunch ad Dennys
Me as of three!!
Because Bleach feet are fun to look at
Haku...amazing that there weren't more
And this is what he gets for being too sleepy ^^
Me, Aura, and Komamura posin'...cuz we're just that cool =P
Me as Yuzuriha Nekoi...lovin' my wolf puppy ^^
Me in my Kurenai outfit...trying not to burst out laughing ^^
Kyoraku-taichou's a nice pillow ^^