And here, you'll see all the panels that I went to! (which wasn't much, but I missed out on a lot of gatherings because of them ^^). My digicam only has 2x optical zoom, so they're not exactly the best in the world....especially when I'm only 5'3"....(sometimes it pays to be small...other times, it doesn't).

Again, click on the thumbnails for a bigger size!

Gaia Online Panel:

The admins taking some free pictures before the panel started.
A shot of some of the admins (VO, Locke, Lanzer, and Ling I believe) talking to some of the AX staff.
A full view of most of the admin from left to right: 72squared, Dri, Ling, DARKNRGY, Lanzer, VO, and kaia 9)
Another view of Locke, with my camera...he looked decisively evil because of the lights reflecting off of his eyes...
A view of the panelists...for some odd reason, I didn't see Jakabo, but oh well...

A view of the new NPCs coming soon.
A bad view of the tattoo parlor...
The Angelic bed
The Demonic Chair.
A view of a new feature to come up...apparently, Lanzer got stuck in it ^^
What's Lanzer going to do??
Lanzer's having some fun with Ruby ^^;;;

The Hellsing Ultimate OVA Panel:

The supervisor for the OVA...uh...forgot his name, though...*sweatdrop*
Yasuyuki Ueda, the director for the project (dressed as Major) and the supervisor
Ueda-san again.
The creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano!!
All three panelists together along with the translator (the guy in the cowboy hat ^^)
Afterwards, a Hellsing cosplay and producer picture ^^.
Part...two! (it's hard being short, man...)

The Tomokazu Seki panel and the Voice Actors Panel:

And there he was! Just watching his new project along with us!!
Seki-san taking pictures of us with his camera. (I even marked where he is, obsessive I am)
Crispin Freeman and Seki-san ^^.
Seki-san and his translator.
Seki-san again.
A very blurry vision of the Voice Actors Panel, hosting Crispin Freeman (tried to get it clearer, I honestly did!!)

Kupochan's Panel Gallery

Maulie and SwedMex's Panel Gallery