MasterChief's Video Game Gallery

Nifty cool video game characters galore ^^. Much thanks to ryorydemon for helping out with the IDs of these characters ^_^


Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)

The SWAT team

Dante and Lucia (Devil MayCry 2)

From left to right: Axl, Chip, Bridget, Millia, and Sol (Guilty Gear)

Lucia (Devil MayCry 2)

Link (Zelda)

Cammy (Street Fighter)

Devil MayCry 2

Ryu (Ninja Gaiden)

Morrigan (DarkStalkers)

Shooting zombies..mmMm

Naokokuru (Samurai Showdown)

Mai Shirinui (King of Fighters/Fatal Fury)

Strider Hyru

BT (as how I know it in the English verstion) --.hack/sign

The most awesome cosplay EVER

MaulieKat's brother as Hotsuma (Shinobi)

Dante and Lucia again (Devil MayCry 2)