Hello and welcome back again! This year, for AX04!!

As some of you may have read on my con report, I lost my camera on the first day T_T. But no worries! In order to get this gallery up and running (and to compensate for the missing photos for the 1st and second half of the 2nd day), this year has been a group effort with my friends! (yay!)

So, in order to navigate around, just go on ahead and click on the map to whomever you want to go to. Each gallery has basically the same map, but in order to give credit to them, I have made them their own pages! And just a note, all of these pages are in my commentary until my friends have the time to put their own up.

My gallery (the one with the Washu picture) won't be up until I get my photos scanned, so go on ahead and take a look at the others while you're here.

Where did I stay this year? The Clarion Hotel (the one next to the Marriott)

Who did I stay with? My friends, of course! (No anime club, yay!)

Also, please note that these pictures have been kept in its highest quality as I could in a limited 20meg space (which is why this is on another account). So, for those 56k modem users out there, beware ^^.