October 28-29, 2006
LAX Hilton

Oh my....I actually went to another con besides AX? Ah, well, since it was really local, I thought "what the heck, lemme see what PMX is all about". =) If I had arrived a bit earlier....it might've been a lil' bit more interesting ^^. FYI: I went on Sunday with Kaede and a new person (to these pages, anyway), DarkWings.

So basically, here's how the story goes: getting gas to my car before leaving, I headed on over to Kaede's house to pick her up and then changed into my Ada outfit (because my parents had no idea that I was going to a con, they just knew that I was going to well, the LAX Hilton for something ^^;). Once that was done, headed on over to DarkWings' house to pick her up (which is about 45 minutes away from LAX via inside streets, mind you...Rancho Palos Verdes is quite a long drive XD). She had fun playing around with my Ipod on our way there, and it was much fun just talking (although, because I was driving, I had to focus more on driving rather than talking because Ayame has lots and lots of experiences of getting easily distracted while driving with friends ^^).

One thing I had forgotten was how expensive parking was >.<.

But anyways, after landing at the LAX Hilton safe and sound (sorta) at around 2:40 in the afternoon, we were easily able to spot cosplayers walking around to figure out where we were. I had decided to take the inside streets to get to the location mainly because, being an LA local, I know how bad the 405 freeway traffic can be on a Sunday -_-. We got lost finding parking in the parking structure next to the Hilton (since it was $8 cheaper) but eventually managed to find our way up and out to the surface and to the Hilton we went XD. From there, we met with one of DarkWings' acquaintances, Shin-1chi (whom we later found out was the Shin-1chi from cosplay.com ^^;;;) and then to get our badges. Leaving Kaede, who was talking to him (I get lost when it comes to conversations with airsofts >.<), I decided to head to the Exhibit Hall.

Before heading out, though.....

A note that my Ada Wong costume was covered by a long black trenchcoat. I didn't take it off until I decided to leave for Exhibit Hall.

Person to recognize me (he was in a Dynasty Warriors cosplay, I believe): Oh my god, it's Ada Wong!

Me: O_o; Eh?

PtRM: Wait, I've seen you before, haven't I?

Me: Oh yeah....RE gathering at AX, right?

PtRM: The one that was broken up, right?

Me: *laughs* Yup.

PtRM: *gets out a camera* Can I take your picture?

Me: Sure. *pose*

Whoo, yay for being a recognizable character ^^. I was recognized by about 4 people...it would've been more had I been at the con since the beginning which was Saturday ^^.

While I was making my way through Exhibit Hall, I recognized a co-worker who was volunteering and I also got my picture taken once again in Exhibit Hall by one of the vendors who had asked me how I made my dress ^^. Exhibit Hall makes you spend a lot of money at small cons >.<. I spent $60 without even thinking. But I got my replacement for my Griever necklace that broke a while back, so I was happy =).

After Exhibit Hall, I returned to where I left Kaede and Shin-1chi and from there met Koma. We were both spoken to by a cosplayer who wanted to have all cosplayers to meet on the rooftop for a general cosplay gathering group thing where many pictures were taken and whatnot (plus some very random moments in which I don't quite remember anymore) and it was there I ran into the Juunanagou that was supposed to scare Juuhachigou for AX02 O_o. Goodness, small world. And my wacky random memory.

It was really cold up there, by the way. The PtRM wondered how in the world I was able to wear that dress in that cold wind and he was already cold though he was covered from head to toe O_o. Hahahaha, women's perserverance ^^. It didn't bother me until probably about the end of the shoot. That was when my body was hitting a shut-down system since I had the allergies for the past few days >.<.

After the shoot, we went to the lobby to talk for a long while and then Kaede ran to Exhibit Hall before it closed, spending more money than me (she got the Cloud and Fenrir figure and a few kunai and throwing darts in which she needed my ID to buy them ^^;;;) and we just wandered around, mainly trying to figure out what to do. I was getting hungry and extremely exhausted because of the allergies, and so we needed to search for DarkWings who split from us after the cosplay shoot (and a private photoshoot of her own ^^). We left at around 8ish, I think...but stopped by at a ramen place (getting lost while getting there....I know Westminster much better than the own local areas that I live in -_-;;;) to eat before dropping off DarkWings and Kaede and heading on home =).

So below, enjoy the few pictures taken at PMX =).

Huge massive group cosplay!
Juunanagou cosplaying as Amon taking a picture of me (and me of him XD)
Main organizer/group gatherer for the general gathering
Now this is an odd picture...Kisuke carrying Kakashi? O_o
Random group picture
Major Kusunagi (GitS: SAC) vs. Dynasty Warriors character

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