Alice's true form
(Pandora Hearts)
(Dragon Ball Z)
Really cool Ciel Phantomhive
(Black Butler)
C.C., Lelouch and Kallen
(Code Geass)
Random dude who decided to go splat on the window...
Sora and Kairi
(Kingdom Hearts 2)
Zombie apocalypse police =3
Not sure where she's from, but it was the ears that got me ^^
Sorceress Edea
Gabranth-looking cosplayer
Human Freya
Majin Buu & Master Roshi
(Dragon Ball)
...and a Goku came along ^^;
One of many Ciel Phantomhive cosplayers in drag =)
(Black Butler)
Viewtiful Joe!
This looks like...a Voltron piece...but I know it's not...
Shinsengumi! A dead Okita and a very much alive Saitou
Ein, zwei, drei! Yay for Mephisto
(Blue Exorcist)
There always must be a Terra running around somewhere :)
One of many Madam Red cosplayers
(Black Butler)
Although there were a lot, I thought he was the best Grell =3
(Black Butler
Katekyo Hitman Reborn mini-group...which I almost miseed!
FFX mini group
A Sebastian cosplayer who actually posed =O
(Black Butler)
Hardcore/bad-ass Lightning! FF13-2 version!
Cute Euphy and Suzaku couple
(Code Geass)
Outer Sailor Senshi! Minus Sailor Uranus >.<
(Sailor Moon)
YGfangirl wanted a picture with Cookie Monster (who we later were creeped out to find an older man's voice)
Princess Zelda and Princess Peach
(Zelda & Mario)
He actually went "wait a minute" *out slides weapon*
(Assassin's Creed 2)
Not sure where they are from, but attention gathered around here quite quickly
Ouran High School Host Club mini-group
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! =O
Old Snake
(Metal Gear Solid 4)
C.C. and I think a Euphy...but not sure
(Code Geass)
O.M.G. I had to stop to get a picture.
Sebby hugging a kitty and Ciel
(Black Butler)
"Wow, they're the PERFECT height!" said my cousin
(Black Butler)
Not sure where this was from, but it lit up

A prinny with NIS's CEO! XD

This Goku was a part of the FUNIMATION crew =3
(Dragon Ball Z)
Me marvelling at how tall Al is

(Super Mario)

War Machine!
(Iron Man)

Iron Man! It was so awesome, they both lit up!
(Iron Man)

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury
(Sailor Moon)
Perfect shot!
(Azumanga Daioh)
Mini Black Butler crew. Only person missing was Bard!
Boba Man
Creepy Naughty Bear
Not sure where this is from
Zetsu! With glasses!
Beginning multiple renditions of Black Butler cosplayers - Ciel from S1, Trancy from S2
Waiving a Zeon flag! Except they didn't waive it >.<
2 Elizabeths and 1 Ciel, oh my!
(Black Butler)
Karate man kicking a controller
Mini .hack//sign group
Link proposing to Princess Zelda
Lil' R2D2 going around with drinks
Automatically constrolled, of course
Random Curious George cosplayer during the Final Fantasy gathering
Quincy Archer Hates You!....Or not
I remember the tank, I forget the game >.< Was for the Gameboy, if I recall correctly
These guys gathered much attention as random Pokemon
Can never have AX without Star Wars coming around!
More Zelda cosplay!
These three were pretty awesome! All 3 famous sorceresses from Final Fantasy 8!
Sorceress Ultimecia
Sorceress Adel

Sorceress Edea (FF8)

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy in a box
(Super Mario)
Big Akatsuki Group...methink that Hinata wanted to join them
Random person with anime head
I'm thinking this is Halo, but I'm not sure
Ran Mao
(Black Butler)
Ash being a pimp
Mini Zelda group
This lil' cute Tobi was so cute! He was very happy when I asked for a picture =3
Bad shot, but this bird was very tame! Didn't even flinch in the eye of the cameras around it.
Mini Super Mario group
Those lil' cubes from Super Mario
Along came the question mark box!
Funny as how I stood here, people began taking pictures of me too O_o
Priestess outfit closeup
Naruto peeking over Kakashi for the latest in the Icha Icha Paradaise series...
Miles Edgeworth! Took a while to find a cosplayer from this series...(Phoenix Wright)
Lightning & Noctis (Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII)
These lil' guys were also very happy to get pictures taken of (Naruto)
Squall! With...accuracy! XD
Lil Inuyasha group
Nicolas D Wolfood
All of Akatsuki attacking Naruto
Kirara on wheels!
Thought this was Psycho Mantis at first, but now I'm not so sure
Princess Mononoke group getting ready for Masquerade

Kenpachi with a CHIBI Yachiru! It took some time, but she was eventually coaxed into the picture with her dad =3

Sasuke in 2nd or 3rd stage of the curse
Optimus Prime!