A majority of these pictures were taken by Torch using my camera ^^. I didn't put all of them here...just the ones that might amuse you.

Again please click on the thumbnail for the true size...if you dare.

----------Misc Pics 1----------Misc Pics 2----------

Brought to you by: Subway -- Eat Fresh ^^
That's Torch's bear, Constable
Now, I took this... Voltron geek I am ^^
Torch caught AyanamiChan this time, a better picture
Kaede's brother trying to... summon!
Another roommate and Kaede's friend ^^
Catching me off guard... with my car!
And on the elevator...
Torch and another friend of ours ^^
The line that is the wait to leave
Trash can. Yep.
I have no idea what is is, but it's so cute!
Post-AX Torch
Koma, behind the mask!
Putting junk away
This was where we were in AMV line before it was rescheduled... (kinda)
Dude playing guitar