A majority of these pictures were taken by Torch using my camera ^^. I didn't put all of them here...just the ones that might amuse you.

Again please click on the thumbnail for the true size...if you dare.

----------Misc Pics 1----------Misc Pics 2----------

That's Torch... with Koma's "back-in-the-day" Komamura on ^^
Kaede and Maulie pointing and fighting ^^
The group of us waiting in line ^^ (I like my fan)
Torch caught AyanamiChan off guard XD
That's an umbrella.
See? It's an umbrella ^^
Torch and me
Kaede's brother being silly
Finger s tar! ...it was Torch's idea
Uh...that's me...in the background's Kupochan ^^
AyanamiChan's friend looking at the camera as she fixes her hat
Feet. Yes.
Torch up super-duper close ^^
Kaede's brother and Torch
Who's picture is that?
I was told to make a face...
The pouty face session begins...first off, a friend as Bankai Ichigo
Then one of Kaede's friends
Kaede's brother tried something different ^^;
So did Kaede ^^
A different try ^^
Me attempting one
One of Maulie's brother's friends tried one ^^;
Torch and her pouty face
She wanted to not use flash...
That's Torch again
Blurry picture...I thought this was a cool effect ^^
Saying hi as we awaited for AMVs to "start"
Torch took a picture of Kupochan eating ramen ^^;;
The hallway of our hotel... with the cleaning people out ^^;;
That was next door's tray
I was extreeemely tired... oh, and that's where I slept ^^
Kaede trying to figure out the ramen ^^;
...I have no idea how she got that effect ^^;;;
Apparently, the elevator won't open
At a different angle
A Rock Lee sticker was on the ground...
Close-up of Kaede's brother ^^
He's... um.. I dunno what he's doing