These are pictures regarding to the LBCC (Long Beach Convention Center), our hotel, and other surrounding areas ^^. Half split by me and Torch.

See that line all the way in the back? That was the line for SKIN
Registration line Day 1
Torch gives you a view of where we stood in line, just outside the Arena
And when night fell...still waiting in line
Inside the Arena
Left side
Right side
At the scoreboard (note: I didn't take the ones in the Arena ^^;;
AMVs filling to a good capacity
And as it started...
Nightlife at the LBCC, by the fountains
More night life
And even more night life
Portions of Exhibit Hall... before it got full...
Oh, how I miss the ACC...
Near the Geneon booth
A portion of the AniMatsuri festival...
The Rainbow Lagoon (one portion of it anyway)
The Westin parking lot...level 2 ^^
I think this is Ocean Blvd...
Where I stayed at: the Westin
And its very front entrance, facing the street
On the way down to Exhibit Hall: Last Day
Definitely the last day in Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall entrance
Inside the LBCC... and its ceiling ^^;;
The Geneon booth, as usual with the Hellsing theme -- this year it's the OVA
More of the Geneon booth
And even more ^^;
The Terrace Theatre Fountains